Flam – Flambeaux is the Fire Shaman who found this realm for the Fire People to dwell in. But that was before the fall. Now he has brought Casara to the world of the Calling as great hope for a new era. Will his hopes and dreams for a united tribe happen with her help? Come see The Calling 4 for answers.


Kai – As Casara moved across the land gaining followers, her miracles of fire gained her the name ‘The Red Witch’. But now she is about to undergo the biggest test of fire of all. Will she make it through unscathed will she be changed forever? Learn her fate in The Calling 4.


Fire Tribe – The fire tribe has long waited for answers after the many groups have split up into factions. But now they have a leader, with blonde hair like the sun and an innocence which conquers all. But innocence is vulnerable. It can be smashed. Will they find the unity they seek with Flambeaux and Casara at their helm? Find out in The Calling 4.


Ravenbane – Ravenbane is the heartless King of Darkworld. Once a noble leader, he fell victim to the insatiable greed that the power of fire can often provoke. He has terrorized the tribes and built a threatening empire as black as the hole where his heart once was. But Casara knows where to find his heart.Will Ravenbane be changed during The Calling 4?


The Mercenary – Ravenbane’s personal enforcer, he does not need to have his heart removed to be cruel. Once a henchman, soon to be king, he eyes the throne with greed, and plots to make the future of The world of the Calling even darker still. Will he remain loyal to his king? Find out in The Calling.


The Three-in-One – This Trinity goddess measures and weighs the nature of reality in the fire world. What is taken must be paid for. It is the law of the real.She has what Casara needs, but at what price? Find out in The Calling.


The Unicorn – After the fall, when the tribes split up, they each formed their own domain and held fast to their territory. All except the Unicorn. With her flying Fae-folk she found that rather than worry, it was best to just vanish to the deepest part of the firest and play her life away. But pay begets wisdom – the wisdom of children – and now she will train the Fire Fairy in the ways of the wise. Learn more about her and her world in The Calling 4.


The Tall Queen – Captive and abused now in Darkworld, the haughty Queen from the Land of Giants has been ‘brought down a peg or two’….so to speak. Such things change you. Will sheget free from her brother? And if so, who is she now? Find out in The Calling 4.


The Fire Fairy once no more than the runt of the litter, this rejected sister of the Tall Queen has skittishly devoted everything to the quest of Casara and Flambeaux. Now she is ready to learn, ready to fly, & ready to burn. Only the Unicorn could teach such a mischevous tyke! Teach her that those rejected have inside them a magnificence that can change history…….


The Heartless Minions – Slaves of Ravenbane, they snarl and bicker for his attentions at court and conduct raids on the tribes to replenish the court with new meat, for mortality is short in Darkworld. But they were once captured warriors themselves. Only a great sea-change could let them remember who they once were…….


The Fire Vixen – A captured nymph from the Fae-folk, she was converted into the vicious fire vixen by Ravenbane and his machines and rides with the Mercenary Jimmy Joe. Now she is with child but who’s is it? And what would she do if her own heart was returned to her? Find out in The Calling 4.