Srikala is an MC, DJ, music producer and percussionist. As a DJ, Srikala uses Ableton Live to perform his original music, improvising with live Indian percussion and ambient vocals. His projects incorporate hip hop, reggae, dubstep and kirtan to create conscious music for the mainstream.

In the fall Srikala released his album Sacred Hip Hop with hip hop artist Anadi and is currently preparing the album release of Srikalogy Kirtan Sessions, co-produced by Duke Mushroom. He is a lead singer and percussionist with The Flowdown, a jazz funk fusion band, Optimus Tribe, a conscious dubstep band and regular collaborator of Didge Project and EarthRise SoundSystem. As an acclaimed music producer, Srikala incorporates mainstream beats into traditional kirtan as with kirtan bands Srikirtan and Prema Hara.

A master of abundance and joy, Srikala skateboards as life medicine and jumps over cars for fun. He is a sophisticated mrdanga player and enjoys teaching harmonium workshops throughout the city. Srikala trained in audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research in New York City, and has been playing percussion and leading kirtan for the last 8 years at yoga studios and temples all over the country.

Srikala is a powerhouse of creativity, community mobilization and musical genius. Founder of Artist Ashram and Unitribe Productions, Srikala is relentlessly creating spaces for people to freely open their hearts in creative collaboration. His devotion to bhakti permeates his work, and his musical creations are charting new territory in the world of mainstream conscious music.