Reda Briki sprinted into global dance music notoriety over recent years with electrifying music productions, DJ sets, an infectious personality and as curator for one of New York City’s most successful parties (Love that Fever).
In a time when the speed of “EDM” is accelerating and new electronic music trends are innovated by the minute, Reda Briki is considered among
peers and dance floor addicts as “one of the most respected and relentless leaders coming up in the international scene”.

Originally from French Algiers but coming of age in Parisian club culture, Reda was surrounded by a world of rich eclectic influences of tribal percussion, pumping rhythms, pulsing beats and thumping grooves. This rich exposure laid the groundwork for Reda’s fervent pursuit of making house music his lifelong calling.
With over 18 years behind the decks, Reda’s powerful skill for pushing musical boundaries has become known through his original music and event productions. As ringleader for Love that Fever—celebrated as New York City’s number one music and dance party— the events became a movement, a reflection of Reda’s heart and soul for bringing people of all walks of life together to celebrate life, love, self-acceptance and artistic expression.

With a deep rooted love for global beats and seeking adventure, Reda expanded his party to some of the furthest points on the map: Miami, Turkey, Ibiza, Morocco’s Tran Sahara, UK’s Secret Garden, Nevada’s Burning Man, Cairo’s The Gift Trilogy and Punta Del Este.

Always continuously reinventing himself, Reda’s original productions and remixes keep his dance floor’s alive and close. His natural skill for drawing audience interaction is distinct in two stand out tracks – ‘I Am Beautiful’ and ‘2 Suns’, deep tech-house based tracks with progressive spices, while uplifting vocals on ‘A Beacon of Light’ come from a special place, like Reda.

Reda Briki’s dedication, talent and vision are paving the pathway up the golden ladder of electronic music.