Brooklyn based duo REAL▲EYES is one of the most dynamic and unique up and comers in the deep house scene today.  Designed by the meeting of David “HOHME” Heyerman and Philip “PjOE” Joseph, the duo set out to create an immersive musical experience that is beyond ordinary.  A REAL▲EYES live show is always a journey into new sonic territory as the dance floor is musically invited to explore its limits.
PjOE and HOHME have extensive backgrounds in music.  PjOE is a multi-instrumentalist who’s been composing electronic music for over a decade.  He has been featured on, remixed for Sony Records under various monikers, performed at many acclaimed underground events and invented the illumin-S; a custom built laser harp.  DJ Mag acclaimed HOHME, recently featured on VH1′s Master of the Mix, has been DJing across the country for nearly five years.  He’s become internationally known for his original productions, mashups and bootlegs; as well as the iPad interface he designed to control his DJ Software from the dance floor.
The duo are presently working on original compositions at Avant Muse Studios in Brooklyn, NY where they just finished their debut EP under the REAL▲EYES moniker.  Stay tuned for official releases in early 2014.