Tune-up your inner shaman

Being shamanic in the world is about being inspired to be good medicine for your world, to navigate reality, to explore your place in the world and discover resources and allies in service of evolving our creative nature to heal our world. Life reveals our shadows and offers us the opportunity to resonate with other’s frequencies and recalibrate our own nature. This process allows us to return as a more wise and capable agent of change and return with medicine for our world. In this workshop, Kelly Nezat will introduce a powerful method of coming into harmony with the primary elements of your world. Fast, easy, powerful.

Kelly Nezat has been in private practice for the past 23 years as an energy healer, shamanic guide, chi kung instructor, bodyworker and teacher with in-depth training in modern and ancient transformational practices from around the world. Kelly has created a dynamic and interactive approach to personal transformation based on the synergistic combination of his Spiralogic mapping system, his hypno-shamanic process, dynamic energy and frequency medicine, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.