Introduction to Neo-Tantra

What is Tantra?  Where did it begin? What has it become?  And what does it mean to interact with the world in a Tantric way?  This workshop will delve into these questions as well as providing a space for us all to connect to our bodies, our breath, and our innate ability to feel pleasure (clothes on!).  Through meditation, breathing exercises and a few interactive activities to lock in important, powerful switches in perspective we will learn to unlock deeper sensation, a deeper connection to ourselves, and deeper intimacy with potential partners and life on the whole.  Singles, Couples and more welcome!  This workshop will be a mix of personal and partnered work, within comfortable boundaries.

Kat Sto has been on a conscious path of self-emancipation and self-knowledge for over 5 years, and is dedicated to facilitating the collective healing of this planet through the promotion of self-love and the release of old patterns and shame.  A devoted follower of the Tantric way of living, as well as various shamanic and Native traditions, she seamlessly mixes a variety of techniques into her sessions to bring your whole being into balance— body, mind, spirit and soul.  She has been offering intuitive bodywork and energy work (Reiki Level II) for 3 years, professionally.