Backed by deep beats, percussion, and resonant frequencies, Kai Altair’s voice weaves rich melodies through electronics and live instrumentation. With music called ‘hypnotic’ by SoundCloud, and hailed by CBS News as a ‘modern day mermaid,’ Kai is influenced by transformational culture, myth, and dreams when creating music and multimedia stage shows. She recently released her first full length album, which she recorded with producers Dave Sharma and Dhruva Ganesan of acclaimed subsonic & live percussion group Sub Swara. The songs are full of dense bass exploration, vocal dreamscapes, and sounds rooted in traditions of blues, rock, and ancient global migrations. Dreamwalker explores doorways to other worlds, lucid dreaming, time travel, metamorphosis, and sacred bliss.

Kai performs with a rotating cast of musicians and performance artists at venues and warehouse parties across New York City and Brooklyn. Her passion for storytelling continues to lead her towards collaboration with rising stars from the dance, fire, circus, film and festival worlds known for conjuring other realities with their creations. She stars in shows produced by The House of Yes & Flambeaux Fire, and is the creatrix of Mermaid Lagoon: an ocean conservation variety show that sends thousands of dollars annually to local and world water organizations. A student of ancient musical, movement, and healing traditions, Kai Altair’s intention is to inspire connection to the multiverse, and help create an elevated state on the dance floor.