In a music world longing for a unique sound, Ken Hankins, a.k.a. JOY, represents the fusion of artistry, creativity, passion, mastery and intelligence for the 21st century electronic music lover. JOY incorporates a wide range of influences that color his music with unique sonic textures meanwhile capturing the stir of the deepest universal emotions. He is not just a guy behind a computer with two hands twisting knobs and pushing buttons full-throttle, he is a passionate enthusiast of electronic music. At the core, he is an electronic artist from the techno and house world whose pursuit for knowledge never ceases and continues to lend influence in every facet of the sounds he creates.

Through crafting his work ever so precisely yet only through inspiration, JOY has created a stunning collection of fine ambient, down-tempo tunes, by way of a debut album titled ‘Soft Whisper’. He has been molding this album like an exquisite sculpture since the late 2000 decade.