Joro-Boro traffics local sounds from the post-world music scene and mangles them with half-forgotten samples, tons of low frequencies, and databent audio files. It is tomorrow’s traditional music: digital native booty bass for the post-pop generation. He calls it etnoteck, glitch-folk or post-national bass – whatever the name, it is the dirty local side of globalization force-fed back into a party without borders detonating the conglomerated mono-culture.

As a DJ, Joro-Boro has performed with Ana Sia, An-Ten-Nae, Balkan Beat Box, Bassnectar, Beats Antique, Boban Markovic, David Starfire, DJ Spooky, Eliot Lipp, Filastine, Gogol Bordello, Kraddy, M-1 (Dead Prez), Maga Bo, Marty Party, MC Zulu, Method Man, Minnesota, Nosaj Thing, Omar Souleyman, Prefuse 73, Radiohiro, Tinariwen, Udachi, Uproot Andy, and others.