Share Yours: Gift Circle

A Gift Circle is a ritual for restoring and honoring the sacred web of relationships upon which our lives depend. In the Circle, we take turns stating what we have to give (things, skills, space, time, services, and so on) and what we’d like to receive, either on our own behalf or on behalf of projects and networks we’re a part of. Then we mingle to follow up on possible matches. Join our Gift Circle to muster support for a vision, meet a need without exchanging money, or develop a gift that might otherwise lie dormant. Then take what you’ve experienced and use it to start a new Circle in your own community. For more on Gift Circles, please visit and

Helen Zuman’s participation in a short-lived Brooklyn Transition Initiative led her to Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics, which transformed her understanding of money and inspired her to co-found the Brooklyn Gift Circle. She writes, grows food, and tends her node of the web of relationships in the Columbia Waterfront District of Brooklyn, NY.