Flambeaux Fire is the culmination of a 25 year journey through fire and art by Flambeaux, the record-holding Scottish fire performer and practitioner.

His adventures as a world-traveling fire eater have taken him through an array of cultures—immersing him in a world of fire shamans and mysterious rituals. With this rich mythology in hand, Flambeaux settled in New Orleans and then finally New York, where he combined this with his natural flare for spectacle, art, and fashion.

From there came the major productions in events, television, and theater that allowed Flambeaux Fire LLC to bloom.

With Flambeaux directing and creating props and costumes for the most glamorous hand-picked fire team of over 20 performers on the East Coast, and working in collaboration with production experts at the company’s Brooklyn headquarters and studio, Flambeaux Fire has gone on to captivate international clients, as well as supply the New York area with private event entertainment using imaginative fire, stilts, and aerial shows.