7 Mansions: The Return Home

According to the Yogic Tradition, the energetic body is comprised of 7 chakras or energy centers.  These energy centers help determine our state of health or disease depending on whether they are too open or closed.  They affect us emotionally, spiritually and even physically, but it is difficult to understand this with the intellect or even to believe that they exist without having first hand experience.  In this workshop we will use various techniques to tap into the their subtle presence.

Darius Wigfall is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher trained in several Reiki lineages. He has been practicing Reiki & chakra healing for 4 years. Completing the “Oneness Awakening” in March 2013 deepened his personal practice, his connection to kundalini, as well as his ability to share healing with others. Through Meditation, Reiki, Deeksha, Sacred Sexuality, Kemetic, and Indigenous studies, ceremonies, and practices, Darius utilizes these gifts to relieve the stress of the world.