A Dynamic Vision of Astrology

When you realize that the sun and solar system orbits the galactic center at a million miles a day, you see that it resembles the spiral DNA molecule in every living cell. This resonance gives birth to a totally new way of understanding your life through astrology. AT Mann pioneered the Life Time Astrology, a highly sophisticated planetary mapping technique that looks at patterns beginning the moment of your conception and birth, then runs forward in time around the chart wheel. AT will guide us through an understanding of this approach to evolutionary/karmic development as it applies to our birth charts.

AT Mann has been an astrologer, author and publisher since 1972. He has written fifteen books (translated into many languages) on astrology, sacred architecture, sacred landscapes, sacred sexuality, calendar systems, psychology, healing, tarot, prophecy and reincarnation. He has taught his unique design ideas and methods at architecture and design schools, universities and at major information technology/ecological design conferences in Europe and the US, as well as Golden Drum and the National Arts Club in New York City. He is a member of ISAR and NCGR astrology organizations, the Forum for Architecture, Culture and Spirituality is a documentary filmmaker, and lives in Hudson, NY.  His recent books include “The Sacred Language of Trees,” “Sacred Landscapes” with photographer Lynn Davis, and  “A New Vision of Astrology.”