At the Junction of spirit, motion, sensuality, and rawness DJ Anna Morgan was born. A multi-cultural world traveling dance enthusiast, Anna Morgan grew up exploring many different sounds and subcultures, especially NYC’s underground dance scenes.

Her love of variety and many influences can be felt throughout her dynamic high energy dance sets which span a range of seamlessly blended genre’s often including but not limited to house, techno, dancehall, breaks, booty bass, hip hop, grime, juke, ghettotech, Jungle, Moombahton, Kuduro, global Bass, Zouk bass, Vogue, and many more sub genres of the booty shakin’ Bass-alicious kind. She has a passion for Bass and sub-genres and loves sharing new and different sounds from all over the world. Keeping the energy moving with a fast, smooth mixing stye and holding long blends, her perspective as DJ comes from her experience as a dancer. While playing with different tempos and genres, she weaves common threads of heavy bass-lines, dance, sensuality, freedom, and feminism as informed by Caribbean and urban cultures.

She shares her passion for movement, community and music through a variety of conscious musically inspired events such as sunset yoga, yoga house party, The Fortunate, OK Cool, Rock climbing and tunes. She is a resident of Brooklyn’s Vitamin B, The JunXion, No Parking on the Dance Floor,and the Athena Collective. She is also at festivals such as Gratitude, PEX, Return to Roots, Equilibrio, Shatter Reality, and Hawaii Electronic Music festival.