Lucid Dreaming Tea Ceremony

What is Lucid Dreaming?  How can you catalyze your own ability to do it? In this workshop, participants will first learn about herbs for lucid dreaming and strategies to induce lucid dreams, and then they will drink tea steeped in the herbs they’ve learned about and take part in a guided shamanic lucid dreaming ritual.

Ava Gerber completed her Ayurveda Certification course with Lalitta Devi of the Shivanda lineage, and has studied with the renowned Dr Vassat Ladd. She holds a level one Reiki empowerment and is an ordained Shamanic Minister and a Certified Shamanic Breathwork facilitator under the tutelage of Linda Star Wolf.  She utilizes Shamanic Breathwork and Dream Tea Ceremony to bring the hidden self/shame-based self to the surface.