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‘The GALAXY’: Huge main Gallery space with theme camps, domes, Art cars, silent disco, interactive environments, activities, art and roaming performances.

‘RESONANCE ROOM’: An immersive dancefloor environment featuring the most talented Vibrational Sound Healers (DJs) on the planet, plus aerial performances, lasers, and surprises throughout the night!

‘CELESTIAL SKY’: A precision engineered sound environment enveloped w



  • by Omar Ruiz

  • by Omar Ruiz

  • by Omar Ruiz

  • by Omar Ruiz

  • by Omar Ruiz

Cosmic Mirrors


Gratitude*NYC is back again for the 4th year and bigger and even better than ever. RSVP, invite your friends and PARTICIPATE!

On December 14th, we invite you to experience the divine beauty of your cosmic reflection. Leave your conditioned existence behind and behold a new galaxy of possibilities in a vast, pristine Brooklyn warehouse filled with wonder, light and an almost limitless variety of experiences. With open hearts and minds we will become cosmic mirrors for one another, reflecting without judgement and affirming our omnipresent connection. Come with an adventurous spirit and a willingness to participate in creating a transcendent, yet totally grounded experience. And in so doing, be authentically transformed. Hidden Surprises and Delights will abound. All. Night. Long.

Gratitude*NYC is created each year as a communal effort benefiting the NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS that have provided the greatest inspiration to our community. A significant portion of the proceeds from each event goes to support FIGMENT, DANCE PARADE, and now, THE BURNING MAN PROJECT, as well as numerous smaller charitable foundations.

A huge part of the magic of Gratitude*NYC is the quality of the artistic expression and the transformative experience of interacting with the art. Each year, we invite, support, and stimulate the best artists in New York to create original interactive installations, sculptures, and performances.

Don’t wait to get your tickets. Please buy full tier tickets if you can afford to do so, to help make this event as artistically inclusive as possible. Your early ticket purchase will help fund additional art grants, enabling more artists and performers to participate, and enriching everyone’s experience! Thank you so much for your generosity.

A Gratitude ticket makes a great gift!
This will be a night you will always remember, so think hard. Who do you want to spend it with? When you surround yourself with people you like and admire, “mirror neurons” in you brain act instantly to increase your happiness. You’ll find yourself experiencing this phenomenon throughout the event.

THEME: This year’s theme, “COSMIC MIRRORS,” is designed to remind us that we are all connected, and to invite all participants to suspend judgement and reflect the divine beauty and light in one another.

COSTUME IDEAS: Cosmic Beings, Celestial Bodies, Illumination, Reflective, White, Silver, Iridescent, Wintery, UV-Reactive, Angelic, Evolved Beings, Future Fabulous, Angels, Faeries, Mythical Creatures, Playa Fabulous, or strip down and get Body Painted!

• Over 60,000 square feet of richly stimulating environments spread over multiple rooms on two floors.
• Huge main Gallery space with theme camps, domes, art cars, interactive lounges, activities, and more
• An immersive dancefloor environment featuring the most talented Vibrational Sound Healers on the planet, plus aerial performances, lasers, and surprises throughout the night!
• A second precision engineered sound environment with world-class House Music enveloped with 3d holographic projections and large-scale inflatable art.
• Amazing DJs battle head to head in a silent disco at the edge of the cosmos.
• Talks, workshops, films, and spontaneous transformations.
• A 1920′s-style speakeasy with live bands, performances, sexy art, food, and a hot late-night dancefloor.
• A “Burner Bazaar” where you can decommodify your holiday gifting with handmade crafts, clothing and accessories from our artisan community.
• A plush chill/lounge area with Hookahs, Cuddle Puddles, Massage Salon, and Amazing Art Installations.
• A peaceful and welcoming space for contemplation, spiritual emergence, or quiet conversation.
• Fire artists at play throughout the night.

And much, much more…

DJs VJ’s, Bands, and Performers TBA Soon!

VOLUNTEER: If you’re able to volunteer your time, skills or energy to make this spectacular event a reality, PLEASE fill out the form here:

PARTICIPATE: Whether you are a theme camp, arts collective, artist, performer, band, or something else, we want you to bring it December 14th! Contact[codepeople-post-map]

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